How to Face GD (Group Discussion)?

How to Face GD :

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6 Steps! How to Face GD

A group discussion consists of:

1. Communication Skills
2. Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject
3. Capability to co-ordinate and lead
4. Exchange of thoughts
5. Addressing the group as a whole
6. Thorough preparations

General Answered on August 18, 2019.
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Points to Remember

* Knowledge is strength. A candidate with good reading habits has more chances of success. In other words, sound knowledge on different topics like politics, finance, economy, science and technology is helpful.

* Power to convince effectively is another quality that makes you stand out among others.

* Clarity in speech and expression is yet another essential quality.

* If you are not sure about the topic of discussion, it is better not to initiate. Lack of knowledge or wrong approach creates a bad impression. Instead, you might adopt the wait and watch attitude. Listen attentively to others, may be you would be able to come up with a point or two later.

* A GD is a formal occasion where slang is to be avoided.

* A GD is not a debating stage. Participants should confine themselves to expressing their viewpoints. In the second part of the discussion candidates can exercise their choice in agreeing, disagreeing or remaining neutral.

* Language use should be simple, direct and straight forward.

* Don’t interrupt a speaker when the session is on. Try to score by increasing your size, not by cutting others short.

* Maintain rapport with fellow participants. Eye contact plays a major role. Non-verbal gestures, such as listening intently or nodding while appreciating someone’s viewpoint speak of you positively.

* Communicate with each and every candidate present. While speaking don’t keep looking at a single member. Address the entire group in such a way that everyone feels you are speaking to him or her.

General Answered on August 18, 2019.
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